About Us

About Us

ARC International Fertility & Research Center is a provider of advanced assisted reproductive treatment services at affordable costs and has successfully catered to the childless needs of 55,000+ couples since its inception in 2004. ARC has 30 branches across India in Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, and West Bengal as well an international centre in Sri anka. ARC Fertility prides itself in being equipped with advanced and world class facilities offering quality services to its patients.

ARC Fertility was founded with the intention of the most advanced reproductive care to the patients belonging to diverse cultural, ethnic and economic background.

Mission, Vision & Values

Mission: To be the globally preferred brand in assisted reproductive technology for childless individuals through excellence in quality, service, and access


  • Creating a community wherein we ensure solutions for every childless individual desiring a child by providing advanced fertility treatment solutions at affordable cost
  • To be a trusted & valued partner in the community and creators of positive change through the excellence of our people, superior client care, innovation and research.


  1. Relationship with our clients:
    • We are dedicated to patient care.
    • Treat everyone with respect and dignity.
    • Listen compassionately and do everything in our power to help them achieve parenthood.
  2. Approach to Health Care:
    • Provide holistic care for our clients preferring to see the complexity of every childless individual’s life and believe that addressing a broad range of human needs is the best way to provide fertility solutions
    • Strive to continuously examine and improve upon the services we provide.
    • Providing high-quality, accessible, and affordable solutions to our clients.
  3. Work Environment:
    • Teamwork is central to our work. We each take the responsibility to contribute effectively to teams
    • Take pride in what we do and how we do it – our integrity and ethics will never be compromised.
    • Recognize and appreciate the contributions and accomplishments of all individual employees and teams.

At ARC, we take care of our patients using the experiences that we have gathered over the years wherein we have been instrumental in answering the prayers of tens of thousands of childless couples and enabling them to have a child through essential fertility treatment provided with utmost care. We also pride ourselves in reciprocating the unique gift of trust that our patients have shown us by providing them with the best of medical care at affordable cost. We believe that everyone has the right to get pregnant, despite their financial condition.

Our aim is to take care of our patients as our own family. Being mindful of this, we constantly reinvent and work towards providing the best of facilities and services to meet the fertility needs of our growing patient numbers. We have designed our services under three specific areas of excellence and we call it “the ARC Advantage” - Care, Cost and Continued Support. Once under the care of ARC, patients may rest assured that they get complete care at affordable cost and continuous support. We provide our patients with the best resources and tools on patient education, treatment management, and stress reduction that makes the patients put their trust in us for their treatment.

We at ARC have been working for decades to make it possible for our patients to hear that euphoric moment of the first cry of a baby and we are proud to say that we are truly blessed to be able to achieve it on a continuous basis.