Male Sexual Dysfunction

Male Sexual Dysfunction

Male Sexual Dysfunction

Today’s sedentary lifestyle has led to an increased stress level in people of all age groups. Stress can be one of the factors that affect fertility process because stress levels are expected to reduce libido in individuals. This is an example of sexual dysfunction that affects both partners and causes hindrance in the overall fertilization process. Sexual Dysfunction is a physical or psychological problem that prevents either partner from getting sexual satisfaction. When it comes to Male sexual dysfunction, it can occur due to various reasons and is apparent in males belonging to all age groups. All this makes it very difficult for couples to conceive naturally and also results in relationship problems as well. ARC aims to help couples facing such problems so that they don’t face a similar problem in future and the threats associated with male sexual dysfunction are also reduced to a minimum.

Causes of Male Sexual Dysfunction

There are several things which affect an individual’s sexual life adversely and can prove to be a stumbling block in the entire fertility process. Some common causes of male sexual dysfunction can be considered to be low testosterone levels, excessive intake of antidepressants, blood vessel disorders like atherosclerosis and also high blood pressure. Smoking and substance abuse are also proven causes leading to male sexual dysfunction. All these causes can be considered as physical causes and there are some psychological causes as well which are responsible for male sexual dysfunction. If the male partner has been undergoing excessive work-related stress and anxiety or has a concern about sexual performance can often fell victims to male sexual dysfunction.

How does Males Sexual Dysfunction affect Men?

There are several problems that men face as a result of Male sexual dysfunction. Problems related to ejaculation, getting and keeping an erection, and reduced sexual desire are some of the major problems that affect the male body adversely. If a male partner is having any of the above problems then he should immediately consult a doctor and take necessary medications. Male sexual dysfunction results in low libido which reduces the desire to have sex and ultimately the entire fertility process is stopped as a result.

Why Choose ARC?

ARC being one of India’s best infertility hospitals provides the best treatment to all its patients. The hospital has a track record of conducting the most number of successful operations till date and continues to do so in the future as well. There are many male patients who are still being treated at ARC and are really happy and satisfied with the treatment results. The talented pool of doctors working here makes sure that every patient’s data security and privacy are maintained using highest security standards so that people who approach for treatment and who are existing patients feel safe here. The hospital has relevant provisions for dealing with various cases and has also helped many couples in conceiving naturally by reducing sexual dysfunction to a minimum. Such treatment is provided so that the problems associated with infertility never re-occur in the patient’s body.

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