Ovulation Induction

Ovulation Induction

Ovulation Induction

Ovulation Induction

Many couples find it difficult to conceive. This could be a matter of male factor as well as female factor infertility. Whatever the cause, the couple would need to boost the chances of fertility through various treatment procedures, if they are not ready to adopt a child. Among the various steps that can be performed to increase the chances of pregnancy, the induction of ovulation is one of the major ones. The process involves the use of medicines to stimulate the development of one or more follicles in the ovaries of women to increase the number of eggs that are released. ARC is a pioneer in the field of infertility care and has all the personnel and equipment to deal with the abnormalities and give you the best care.

More about Ovulation Induction

Some females would have ovulation due to polycystic ovarian syndrome are affected by these conditions and often have very irregular menstrual cycles, infertility, or increased body hair. Controlled ovarian hyperstimulation is another similar term but it is quite different because though it involves the same medication, it stimulates the development of multiple follicles combined with various infertility treatments to boost pregnancy. Let us have an idea about who should be treated with the process of ovulation induction.

Who should have a Treatment of Ovulation Induction?

There are plenty of infertile women who do not ovulate on their own but still would want to get pregnant. Some of these women are affected by conditions like the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. They would not develop mature follicles and hence would not ovulate if proper medical treatment is not administered. Such people are in need of ovulation induction, which would induce the ovaries to release mature eggs that can help the woman get pregnant.

The Process of Ovarian Stimulation

The process of ovarian stimulation is generally achieved through four basic types of medication. These drugs have the potential to produce eggs of good quality in the woman and thus help her to get pregnant. This would happen if there are no other causes of infertility in the woman. The ovulation stimulation would not work with women who have failed ovaries and very poor quality eggs. No drug is currently available for them. The types of ovulation drug therapy would include the following:

  • Clomid or Serophene
  • Femara or Letrozole
  • Injectable Gonadotropins or Follicle Stimulating Hormones
  • The GnRH pump
  • Bromocriptine

Increase in Success Rates after Ovulation Induction

The success rates of pregnancy are increased considerably after the stimulation of the ovarian follicles through the process of ovarian stimulation. But the probability of pregnancy depends on the age of the woman, the type of medication that is used and the presence of other factors of infertility in the woman and the couple. The medication used in the induction of ovulation increases the release of mature eggs to as many as three per ovulation cycle and thus gives a significant boost.

The medical team at ARC are experts in their fields and take proper care of the individuals who are having problems with conception. More about the ovulation induction can be understood under their guidance.

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