Drug Induced Sexual Dysfunction

Drug Induced Sexual Dysfunction

Drug Induced Sexual Dysfunction

There are many individuals who have undergone several treatments for coping up with their infertility problems. But in several cases, it was found that the drugs prescribed to patients resulted in additional sexual dysfunction problems. The reason behind various sexual dysfunction problems are different from one individual to another and hence requires separate treatment. Drugs should be prescribed according to the nature and cause of the problem. There are some doctors who refer drugs on the basis of the overall problem being faced by individual and not doing an in-depth analysis before prescribing. Doctors at ARC don't prescribe any drug until and unless they have found the exact cause of the problem. The medicines are suggested after confirming that they are completely safe and won't cause any health hazar4ds to the patient. Drug induced sexual dysfunction can even worsen the patient's situation and relevant measures are not taken timely. Usually, antidepressants, blood pressure, and other medicines are behind the cause of sexual dysfunction.

Drugs responsible for causing Sexual dysfunction

There are some antidepressants like amitriptyline, clomipramine, fluoxetine, and others that are responsible for decreasing sexual desire in a patient. There are other medicines also which belong to the anti-depressant category and result in decreased arousal and orgasm or ejaculatory difficulties. If you have been taking up psychotropic drugs like alprazolam that you may be left with any of the problems related to reduced sexual desire, decreased arousal, and orgasm or ejaculatory problems. Today unhealthy lifestyle has forced many people to depend largely on drugs for leading a normal and healthy life. Many times such drugs react within your body and start functioning in the wrong direction. Even if you have been taking cardiovascular drugs or other drugs for maintaining proper health conditions, then you might be prone to drug induced sexual dysfunction.

Points to keep in mind

Whether the patient is comfortable in disclosing or discussing this problem clearly with his doctor is one of the major concerns. There are many patients on long term medication who don't even have an idea that the drugs that they are taking are responsible for their sexual dysfunction. It can only be cured properly if you share your problems clearly with the doctor. If after taking drugs, you have noticed some adverse effects in your body during intercourse, then immediately discuss this with your doctor. It might happen that the drug being taken by you has started to react negatively rather than curing. The doctor will immediately change your existing drugs.

Why choose ARC?

If you have been taking some drugs which have started to adversely affect your life then you can easily consult doctors at ARC. They will go through your medical history properly and make necessary changes in your drugs list. They will make sure that you don't take any drug that in order to cure disease gives rise to another by reacting within your body. The doctors are well certified and make sure that their patients feel comfortable throughout the treatment process so that they can share relevant details and their problems clearly. This will help in deciding the best treatment course for you.

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