Decreased Sexual Desire

Decreased Sexual Desire

Decreased Sexual Desire

Low or decreased sexual desire is the most common problem faced by almost every individual. Many people look after decreased sexual desire as a disorder but it is not the case always. The degree of reduced interest in sexual activities not only differs from person to person but also varies within the same individual over a period of time. It might happen that he is feeling lack of interest in sexual activities for few days but after that, he returns to his normal stage. This is a result of psychological disorders. If an individual is having excessive stress or has some other personal related to his relationship or other domestic matters then such cases are normal. But if you face decreased sexual desire for many months, then it cannot be considered to be normal and requires special medical attention. The reasons, intensity, and individual status everything needs to be diagnosed properly. Then only proper treatment is possible.

Causes of Decreased Sexual Desire

There are many causes which can result in a reduced interest in sexual activities. Some causes might be related to physical condition of the patient while other may be psychological causes. The most common cause is high-stress levels and anxiety. In such condition, the patient is surrounded by mental pressure and problem and hence cannot focus and think of having sexual activities. In order to engage in sexual activities it is very important that both partners are not only physically ready but also they need to be ready mentally. That way intercourse can result in higher chances of conception and the chances to feel pain during intercourse also reduces considerably under such conditions. Apart from stress and anxiety, there are other causes as well like relationship problems, other sexual problems, depression, underlying health problems, substance abuse, and several other causes. In order to have a detailed idea, you should visit a doctor at the earliest.

Symptoms of Decreased Sexual Desire

If you start identifying the symptoms of sexual problems then you can save your relationship big times. Early treatment is only possible if you address a symptom and visit a doctor accordingly. There are some symptoms which indicate that you are suffering from reduced sexual desire disorder. Lack of sexual thoughts, distress due to lack of sexual thoughts, and strain on the relationship with a partner due to reduced desire are some of the symptoms that trigger the need to consult a specialized doctor at the earliest.

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