What are the factors that affect IVF success rate?

What are the factors that affect IVF success rate?

What are the factors that affect IVF success rate?

Date :14-Feb-2019

It’s a miraculous thing — combining a woman’s egg with sperm outside her body to have a baby!

In India, the concept of IVF has gained swift popularity. Infertility treatment options in Chennai is being trusted by millions and the city has become a hub of IVF treatment centers. But the success rate is less than 40%. So, what are the chances of your infertility treatment becoming a success? No one can say for sure whether IVF is the answer you are looking for because success and failure depend on a wide range of factors.


The success rate of IVF is primarily dependent on a woman’s age, followed by the medical history of the parents-to-be. Apart from your age, comprehensive blood testing and ultrasound scan also indicate how good a candidate you are for IVF.
Fertility problems

For a wide range of common fertility problems like ovulation disorders, low sperm count, and blockages of fallopian tubes, IVF is an excellent choice.

Lifestyle factors

By tackling these lifestyle issues you can improve your chances of IVF success.

a) Smoking: For both men and women, cigarette smoke has been found to bring down the chances of having a baby. In female smokers, the outcome has been found to be significantly low.

b) Overweight and obesity: Obesity can affect your ovulation and menstrual cycle. And, being overweight can have a strong effect on the outcome of IVF treatment.

Laboratory quality

In Chennai, the quality of fertility testing center that you opt for plays a crucial part in IVF. To ensure that the embryos are given the best possible start, you need to choose an excellent IVF lab. Your fertility experts will have a great impact on your experience of IVF as they are involved at every stage of the process.

Expertise of the embryologist

For fertilization, the embryologist selects and prepares high-quality sperm and eggs. This critical procedure requires the experience and expertise of a highly qualified embryologist.

Fertility clinic selection

Choose a clinic that has experienced and trained staff and a high success rate. Do your research and make sure that they are keeping up with new fertility medicine and IVF. There is an element of uncertainty involved in every fertility journey. IVF Treatment in Chennai at ARC International Fertility & Research Center has helped hundreds to fulfill their dreams of bringing a newborn home. This well-renowned fertility clinic can do a lot to contribute to IVF success.

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