How obesity is directly related to infertility?

How obesity is directly related to infertility?

How obesity is directly related to infertility?

Obesity on Fertility

It is quite known that extra body fat leads to several medical problems such as diabetes, joint pain, chronic disorders etc. But did you know obesity can also affect fertility in both male and female? Yes, you heard it right! Obese women have lesser chances to conceive, and even if they conceive, the pregnancy can bring several complications in the woman's body. Often it has been found that the child born in such a situation may have certain deformities or inborn disease that is extremely harmful to the child in the long run.

Just like in female, obesity can also affect male fertility. So for both of the partners, it is important that such a disease shall never be ignored. One should take immediate assistance from an expert or doctor.

Impact of obesity on infertility in women

You must have heard of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS. PCOS is a condition characterized by menstrual irregularities, hormonal level disorder, anovulation & infertility. What happens is that obesity brings hormonal imbalance, the insulin resistance & increase leptin thereby leading to disrupted ovulation. Due to such hormonal misbalance, the formation of eggs gets disrupted and it becomes difficult for the woman to conceive. Even if the woman conceives the chances of miscarriage, infection and blood clot is quite high for obese women.

How obesity affects male?

Obesity in males directly affects the quality and quantity of the sperm. The increase BMI leads to sperm damage and decreases sperm motility. A decrease in testosterone and increase in estrogens level directly affects the sperm count.

How to deal with obesity?

  • To get rid of this problem, at first, you need to decrease your weight by any means. To reduce weight one needs to take assistance from a renowned healthcare expert or organization.
  • And next, you have to maintain an extremely healthy lifestyle.

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