What are the chances of getting pregnant with IVF?

What are the chances of getting pregnant with IVF?

What are the chances of getting pregnant with IVF?

IVF is a treatment process in which the sperm cells are fertilized with the egg outside the body (that is in a laboratory) and then the embryo is transferred into the Uterus. This is one of the most advanced and effective infertility treatments which is 100% natural and have a greater success rate.

But the thing is IVF success rate depends on certain factors. It is not that every woman can get pregnant through this treatment.

Factors related to IVF success rate

  • AGE- Women above the age of 45 have very less chance of getting pregnant through this process, whereas younger women between 25 to 35 years have a greater success rate. The quantity of eggs produced by elder women is lesser than younger women.
  • Pregnancy failures- If you have already conceived before, the chances of IVF success will be more. The history of miscarriage is a great factor here.
  • Fertility problems- Depending on the type of fertility problem, the chances of getting pregnant depend. For example, fertility problems like ovarian dysfunction may lower the pregnancy rates with IVF.
  • Type of donor eggs- If eggs from younger women are used in the process, the pregnancy rate is high whereas the opposite happens for older women.
  • The lifestyle habit is directly proportional to the pregnancy rate.

The clinic you choose

IVF success rate also depends on the clinic from where you choose to continue the treatment. ARC Fertility Centre provides one of the best IVF treatment in Chennai. Here are some reasons to choose us:

  • Highly qualified and experienced staffs.
  • A higher rate of patients getting pregnant each year.
  • The advanced clean laboratory where the fertilization process is conducted.
  • Selected patients are accepted. We ensure no false hope.
  • We provide personal attention to everyone who comes to us.

Our objectives

Our first and foremost aim is to bring happiness into your life. We understand that how much a baby matters to you. We have a team of qualified Infertility Specialists in Chennai, who keeps on researching on IVF treatments.

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